Monday, March 9, 2020

Charge for Quote?

Yes, I'm going to start doing this. Not much- $25 and it will be applied to the purchase price if a purchase is made.

I've had, once again, an "occasional" customer ask for pricing on a laptop. When I research pricing for a customer, I do it with an eye towards what their specific needs are and how they can be best met. I've always taken pride in being vendor neutral and more customer centric than most retailers who tend to oversell in order to make commission. To do the research and find numerous options (for both in stock and items from other vendors) does take a fair amount of time, effort, and knowledge. I don't make an excess profit on what I sell, so spending time on quotes has generally been a dead-end unless the customer makes a purchase.

This first happened years ago where the father of a boy that went to school with my son engaged me in a weeks long discussion of various laptops. After providing him with pricing on 4 different occasions, he then let me know he purchased a similar model to one I had quoted from Best Buy because it was $20 less.

So, after this happening over the course of the last 14 years, I am now charging for quotes.

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