Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Help Me to Stop Scammers!

I just had another customer of mine call in a panic because of a message on their computer that they've been infected with a virus. This is a screenshot of what appeared on their computer:

What I've done, and would like anyone else so inclined to do, is call the number listed on the message which is: (855) 882-7403 and inform THEM that they have a problem with their computer and that YOU'D like to log in remotely to fix it. This seems to confuse them and the main purpose is to tie up their pones and "support" people to prevent them from scamming others.

I know this is kind of like trying to empty the lake with a teaspoon, but if you've got a little free time, every little bit can help. I've also tried lecturing the person that answers that they sound like a basically good, honest person and why don't they go out and get a real job.